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Dams Ford Collision Repair is committed to using the best procedures and equipment the autobody industry has to offer. That's why we only use genuine Ford parts. Why? Because not all collision parts are created equal. Contact us for complete collision repairs, frame and alignment, and vehicle painting or resprays.

Dams Ford Lincoln collision repair center services

Dams Ford Lincoln Collision Repair is ICBC-accredited. We use top-quality original manufacturers' parts, sophisticated frame and alignment procedures, and most colour-matching systems. As we mentioned, not all parts are created equal: we used only the best.

We respect your time

We use it for work, leisure, and travel. It is an indispensable tool and key element of what we consider a quality lifestyle. The automobile allows us the freedom of movement we've come to expect and need in our fast-paced world. To lose this freedom can be a very frustrating experience.

We aim to keep the amount of time you're without a vehicle to a minimum. That's why Dams Ford Lincoln ensures control at all stages while meeting scheduled delivery dates.

Dent removal

The perfect removal of larger dents involves precise tools, skill, and years of practice. Dams Ford Lincoln has mastered the art of dent removal. For smaller dents, our paintless dent removal procedure lets us remove dents efficiently and inexpensively to restore your vehicle to factory condition. 

Scratch repair

Dams Ford Lincoln can polish out scratches that are as deep as the clear coat on your car. For deeper scratches, our skilled technicians can repair scratches on sheet metal, fibreglass, or plastic trim.

Hail damage repair

Our autobody shops are fully equipped to repair hail damage. With most of the damage, we can use the paintless dent repair process to push dents out from underneath.

Original manufacturer glass

Dams uses the highest quality equipment, sealant, and glass to ensure your windshield fits properly, meets safety standards, and performs correctly.

Original glass is used for all windshield repairs. We use your car manufacturer's glass for integrity and fit. When it comes to newer Fords, a genuine Ford windshield is necessary to integrate with camera systems that inform everything from lane departure warnings to autonomous braking to rain sensors. 

SoundScreen® acoustic glass is used in almost all Ford and Lincoln models. This glass significantly softens noise coming from the engine, tires, and wind while driving – improving the overall cabin experience. 

Structural integrity is essential in a crash, so that the windshield remains in the frame when an airbag activates.

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  • Private Insurance Accredited
  • Heavy truck repair
  • Certified Aluminum Repair
  • Complete collision Repairs, Frame and Alignment, Paint
  • Ford Certified Collision Repair
  • Ford Certified F150 Aluminum Repair
  • Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Ram, and Jeep FCA Certified Collision Repair
  • Dodge FCA Certified Collision Repair
  • Kia Recognized Collision Repair
  • Nissan, Genesis, and Hyundai Certified Collision Repair.

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Dams Ford Collision centre Surrey, Langley

Ford Collision Parts

Genuine Ford parts

Ford collision parts are exactly the same as the parts that came new with your Ford. They are engineered to meet Ford specifications for every aspect of your vehicle, from corrosion protection, fit, and finish, to durability. Ford Parts are - obviously - backed by Ford.

Using genuine Ford parts means that you maintain the integrity of your vehicle after a collision. Fort parts meet safety standards to which you are accustomed. There is no substitute for safety and the confidence that comes with a genuine part.

Dams Ford Lincoln has access to approved original equipment repair procedures and repair process consultation directly from Ford. For a quality.

    Ask for genuine Ford parts after a collision

    In Canada, if your vehicle is not a current-year model, insurance companies can ask autobody shops to use aftermarket parts for collision repairs. Aftermarket parts are not made by the vehicle manufacturer. Many drivers aren't aware of this, so if you want genuine parts used in a collision repair, contact your insurance company and ask for an upgrade. 

    Next, when an appraisal is done following a collision, ask the autobody shop what parts they are going to use, and be sure to request genuine Ford parts (or whatever make and model you drive).

    Dams Ford Lincoln collision repair FAQ

    How long do you have to file a claim with ICBC?

    You should notify ICBC of an accident claim within 48 hours, ideally after you have filed a police report - if one is necessary. Some claims can be reported online, while others must be reported via phone. The ICBC claim reporting lines are open 24/7. 

    What does ICBC cover after an accident?

    If you bought ICBC ​Collision coverage, all or most of your vehicle's repair costs will be covered when you are responsible for a crash. If are responsible and also caused damage to another driver's vehicle, their basic insurance will pay for the repairs to their vehicle.

    Do I have to report a fender bender to ICBC?

    Yes, you do. Minor accidents must be reported to IABC.

    How long does an accident stay on your record in BC?

    IABC has a crash forgiveness policy. Accidents will be forgiven after 20 years, if you have been driving accident-free for 10 years.

    What happens if you don't report an accident to ICBC?

    If you are driving in B.C. and are involved in a car accident in British Columbia, you must report the collision to ICBC. If you do not report the accident, you risk losing your insurance benefits and the ability to seek compensation for damages.

    What to do after a collision?

    Try to remain calm. If you or someone else is injured, call 911 immediately. If it's safe to do so, move the cars out of traffic or off the road. Record the following information for all vehicles and drivers involved in the crash. You may also need to provide this information to the police.

    • driver name, contact information, driver’s licence number and
    • vehicle licence plate number, vehicle year, make and model,
      insurance details, if the vehicle isn’t from B.C.

    Look for witnesses. Record their names and contact information. Next, describe the crash scene and note down:

    • The date, time and location
    • The weather and road conditions
    • The direction each driver was travelling
    • Where your vehicle was and which lane you were in
    • Where the other vehicle was and which lane it was in.

    Take photos of the crash scene and all vehicles involved, if you can. Include the licence plates and the damage. The next step is to report your claim. You can report online at icbc.com/report, by phone at 604-520-8222 (Lower Mainland), or 1-800-910-4222 (elsewhere in B.C., Canada or the U.S.). When you’re ready to select a repair shop, find one near you on icbc.com. By taking your vehicle to one of ICBC’s Repair Network partners, your repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.